World: To Me, the Essence of Liberty and Freedom

I will never neglect having first read the words of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher in my ninth year out of the World Book Encyclopedia simply west of Tyler, Texas at some point of the yr 1960. They struck a chord in me. “Liberty is the soul’s right to respire.” During my 5th yr as a curious and inquisitive youngster, once I have been taught to read by means of my expensive mother, three of the primary matters I had endeavored to examine with enthusiasm were the Holy Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of america. I had located that these 3 documents had been inseparably tied together by using the software of two very effective phrases, liberty and freedom. My mother had continually emphasised that I, in contrast to many hundreds of thousands of subjugated humans in the world, had been born free and endowed with liberty below regulation. And so it was that I found out that a free human beings ought to continuously cherish the God-given lifestyles, liberty, and pursuit of happiness ordained by way of the Creator of nature. I, consequently, found out at an early age to offer way to the God of nature every day before I rolled away from bed within the mornings and laid myself all the way down to sleep in the evenings, for the freedom that I had to do what could deliver goodness and happiness into my life. More than whatever else, I thanked God for the freedom that I needed to pick out the best over evil, with a view to Perpetuate the freedom that I, and hundreds of thousands of different Americans, had from constraint and dictatorship.

When I had first read what Beecher had penned over one hundred years earlier, my thoughts become long-established on the manner I had felt inside the woods southwest of Chandler, Texas when I had long past off in conjunction with my squirrel rifle to hunt rabbit and squirrel for dinner meat. The hills and valleys of acres of unfenced wooded area had made me sense very special to be in unfastened land wherein no individual or government ought to enslave and subjugate me to do and say according to the whims of a dictator. My soul changed into graciously endowed by means of my creator with the substance of the alienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Having never forgotten the breathe of freedom and liberty that my soul skilled at the day and on many days after that once I had relished feeling it again and again, I had so desired others, my friends and my circle of relatives, to experience the sale elation that filled my soul.

Nonetheless, there are so many local Americans who have in no way skilled the sensation of being loose, to paintings a process, any job, with the fervour of being able to freely earn a salary for doing some thing nicely or creating a product that is really worth the wage being paid for doing it. I fondly take into account my father, an impartial East Texas welder, telling me after I became 5 years antique to transport a pile of pig iron from one vicinity to some other in his shop backyard, and, on doing it to his specifications, receiving a sparkly zone from his hand to mine. That changed into after I discovered approximately the loose market economy and the cost of labor nicely carried out. With that area I ought to have bought five large candy bars, or positioned it into my pocket to save. That same day, I informed my father that I could work for him any time he wished me, and each that I did a job for him, he paid me for this reason.

The freedom that I had to pick to paintings, first to assist myself and later my circle of relatives, greatly appealed to me, and the extreme choice that I needed to use that freedom and liberty to do nicely in college, in athletics, and in more-curricular activities which includes the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, into which I changed into allowed to freely immerse myself once I become thirteen years old, followed me into adulthood, my time inside the navy, and later. The best people who do not know the joy of being unfastened to select their own way are those born into a situation of statist dominion and weaned at the teat of country manipulate over them, as most Americans 50 and beneath have skilled for the ultimate 70 years. Yet, even after 1960, I needed to cautiously tread the waters of government intrusion into my existence after JFK proclaimed to infamous words that appeared to cordially usher into being the obligation of every American to heartily promote the space race, “ask now not what your united states can do for you, however what you may do in your united states of america.”

The spirit and specter of statist Hegelian Marxism turned into encapsulated by means of Kennedy’s rhetoric. Instead of stating what James Madison had humbly said in 1787, that the duty of consultant constitutional government is to serve the People, and not the alternative manner round, Kennedy said that the obligation of every American is to serve the government with frame and thoughts. The pledge of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program that I selected to support at 13 years of age embodied fervent statist ideas. I can nevertheless can recite it, word for phrase. It went, “I pledge to serve faithfully inside the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, and to wait meetings often, take part frequently in unit sports, obey my officials, wear my uniform nicely, and to enhance my schooling and schooling hastily to prepare myself to be of provider to my Community, state, and state.” The essential factor I found out from the CAP was to take orders, and to in no way query the orders that I might receive, the basis for a a success profession in the U.S. Military. In 1971, I enlisted inside the USMC and performed PFC out of boot camp, at San Diego MCRD, and, later, advertising to sergeant E-five in much less than three years time.

Soviet socialism, Marxism, and the Marxian communist dialectic had been supported by mindless configurations of mindless apologetics, which made no sense in any respect whilst spoken. Soviet residents have been taught, from 1918 until the fall of the Soviet Empire, within the identical way that German kids had been taught Hitler’s occult madness and senseless Nazi doctrine in the Nazi public faculties from 1934 till 1945 to create the myth of Nazi grasp race propaganda. Nazism and Marxism are essentially the identical in software, as each are Totalitarian and despotic of their control over the minds of the governed. Of path, a militant revolution typically precedes the imposition of totalitarian on a countryside, inclusive of Russia. Nonetheless, despotism may be voted into life as the ruling device, such as it became in Germany. You see, Hitler legally took control of Germany through the uninformed vote of the German human beings, via the lies and misrepresentative propaganda of the Nazi forces that have been at paintings to oppose freedom and liberty. In other words, an uninformed and deluded voters can vote itself into the tyrannical chains of virulent dictatorship.

Freedom and liberty, to me, are the pleasure of deriving fulfillment from one’s labors and interests. There are rarely any American youngsters nowadays who can paintings doing menial jobs given them by means of their parents, experience the sweat form on their brows within the overall performance of the roles, experience the accomplishment and motive of the roles, after which get hold of price from their mother and father for completing the roles inside the form of cash fully well worth its cost. When I had done a job for my father to his pleasure and obtained a quarter for doing it, I may want to use that region for whatever reason I might choose; to save it, buy five candy bars, or three comedian books. Most American youngsters these days within the twenty first Century are allowed to demand nugatory cash from their dad and mom, allowances, for truely being lazy children. Most kids are not required to perform any paintings for the cash they get hold of. The statist federal and kingdom governments have, during the last 70 years, ingrained into the minds of the governed that human beings don’t want to paintings for what they get hold of from the teat government. They are taught to suck the teat of government doles vigorously and mindlessly.

Dr. Fred Schwartz first wrote in 1960, and on the other hand in 1961, a first-class-promoting ebook entitled, “You can Trust the Communists (to be Communists).” Over a million copies of the ebook have been bought due to the fact its 2d printing. In the ebook, Dr. Schwartz states,… The title of the ebook isn’t as startling as it could appear… Because, in a single feel the Communists (Marxists) may be depended on. They have said their intentions, their beliefs, or even their techniques in undeniable, unmistakable words in each language the world over. And they may be trusted to follow those intentions Unceasingly.” Are the Marxists nowadays, inside the twenty first Century, any distinct of their pragmatic goals and goals than the Marxists of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s era at some point of the 1950s? Joseph McCarthy could have been a piece adverse in his efforts to reveal American Marxists throughout the Fifties, however he became an awful lot extra correct than not in his Senate investigations. That period of time became the beginning of a motion of sympathy for popular Marxists who had been committing espionage, who heralded the publish-Khrushchev, “We’ll bury you” and Cuban missile technology with the “oh, they didn’t mean that in any respect” crusade.

The Communist Manifesto is as undeniable nowadays in its denial and refutation of the freedoms and liberties proclaimed within the Declaration of Independence because it turned into whilst it changed into first written with the aid of Karl Marx during the nineteenth Century. It’s monetary rhetoric proclaimed in Marx and Engle’s “Das Kapital” is likewise nowadays as unintelligible, delusionary, nonsensical as it turned into whilst it turned into embraced by using the Russian Bolsheviks in 1917 Russian Revolution.

As a human hand or foot becomes numb and unfeeling through the years via continual disuse, the collective attention and feeling of a republic can, over the years, become numb to what turned into once the pleasure and fervor of freedom and liberty. Why? Freedom and liberty have to be perpetuated and kept alive and thriving as an endearing public sentiment, as a tree or flower need to be constantly nourished with water and fertilized. Free Americans need to evoke each morning to thank nature’s God for the liberties that had been enshrined with the aid of constraint within the holy regulation of the Ten Commandments and preserved through secular Constitutional law in the Bill of Rights. They, each American, have to pray every day that the blessings of liberty can be secured and perpetuated to themselves and to their posterity, as proclaimed within the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

Supporting such human beings, as legal professional Mark R. Levin, of their efforts to teach the American electorate approximately the evils of socialism and Marxism, and the way the destructive political philosophies have inspired such devastating modifications in the social and political perspectives of a tremendous many Americans beneath the age of fifty, is vitally, if no longer basically, important. Levin has written a super e-book entitled “American Marxism,” which must be examine by all Americans antique sufficient to read and apprehend the English language. Everyone need to study, if they have now not, the U.S. Constitution from beginning to give up, and, together with it, “The Federalist Papers.” They are amazing and compelling reads! In 1788, 98 percentage of the literate American electorate had study the ” U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers.” Sadly, on the outset of the 21st Century, less than 20 percent of the American electorate (the ones U.S. Residents 18 years or older who’re eligible to vote) had study the ones two essential classic works outlining American civics. Tragic, huh?

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